Girls Xcel Team Program

Xcel Program

Xcel is a competitive program sanctioned by USA Gymnastics. Our program is geared toward gymnasts who would like to experience the excitement of competition and be part of the Bayshore Team without the time, financial and training commitments required of a JO gymnast. Xcel gymnasts compete in all four Women's events using individualized routines through 5 divisions (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond).

 Recreational athletes are encouraged to enquire about the pathway to competitive gymnastics. Gymnasts will be evaluated by a team coach and may be placed at an appropriate development, pre-team or team level, depending on space availability. Please call or e-mail Flavia Thermudo Guida at if interested in this program.


Xcel Training Hours

Bronze/Silver - 4 hrs/wk

Gold - 9 hrs/wk

Platinum -  12 hrs/wk



Flavia Guida - Team Head Coach

Shamra Ray - Development and Gold Coach

Nicole Kuhar - Gold Coach

Danielle Shubb - Silver Coach