Coach in Training (CIT) Program

Interested in Coaching?

The Bayshore Elite Coaches In Training (CIT) Program is a training opportunity for athletes who are interested in learning how to coach gymnastics or cheer. The CIT Program runs in two seasons, school year and Summer. The CIT Program offers a unique opportunity for athletes to learn to coach the sport of gymnastics as well as obtain the necessary skills to facilitate team cohesion, class management and conflict resolution. Enrollment in this program is by recommendation or coach's referral only.


CIT Program Requirements

  • ●  Ages 11-15 years
  • ●  Recommended or referred by a Bayshore Elite Coach or staff member
  • ●  Bayshore Elite Team Athlete


CIT Program Expectations

  • ●  Arrive on time to scheduled classes and/or trainings
  • ●  Dress appropriately (CIT shirt, shorts/pants, barefoot or athletic shoes)
  • ●  Shows respect for Bayshore Elite Staff, Parents, Campers, and Athletes
  • ●  Focus on campers and coaches, does not socialize with other CITs during working times
  • ●  Willingness to help lead activities such as games and camp songs (with assistance from coaches)


Communication with Camp Director

The Bayshore Elite CIT Program is a leadership program and we encourage our CITs to communicate their questions and concerns whenever they feel they need to, either on their own or with the help of a parent or guardian.