Open Gym


This is a 2-hour, supervised gymnastics session for gymnasts who want to work on skills - NOT a play session. Instructors will be on hand to give pointers and help spot skills. Some areas of the gym may be off-limits.
Prepay and register for open-gym by purchasing a Punch Pass after log-in.


If using the IclassPro mobile app:


  • • Tap "PUNCH PASSES" in the bottom menu bar
  • • Tap "PASSES"
  • • Select the Open Gym Punch Pass that applies to your enrollment status


You can access your Punch Pass QR Code under "ACCOUNT". When you arrive at the gym, scan your QR Code at our front desk kiosk and you're all set!


    • Student Attire: A one-piece leotard or comfortable clothing, including shorts and t-shirt long enough to be tucked in. No loose clothing, dresses, or clothing with strings, zippers, snaps, or buttons. Hair must be pulled back out of face and bare feet only on gym floor.


  • Make-ups: Each student is allowed ONE absence make-up in Open Gym. In order to do so, they will need a Makeup Token. To get one, please email us and choose a Saturday for the make-up session.