Teen Gymnastics


Looking for a class with kids closer to your age? This is the class for you!


Open to boys and girls ages 11–15 years old.


This once a week, 50-minute class is open to Beginning level students with little to no prior gymnastics experience to Intermediate level. In this class, we focus on basic gymnastics as well as developing skills, strength, flexibility, and confidence in our athletes.


  • Waitlists: Clients may register each child for up to three waitlists. If the "Contact Us" button is active on the waitlist page, it means the waitlist is full or your child does not meet the prerequisite skills. Each class is limited to a maximum 8:1 (student:coach) ratio and tuition is monthly. If you wish to cancel/drop a class, please send an email by the end of the month as classes are billed automatically on the 1st of next month.


  • Student Attire and Accessories: A one-piece leotard or comfortable clothing, including shorts and t-shirt long enough to be tucked in. No loose clothing, dresses/skirts, or clothing with strings, zippers, snaps, or buttons. Hair must be pulled back out of face and bare feet only on gym floor. Please bring a refillable water bottle.