Team Prep Exhibition Program


Bayshore Elite Gymnastics' new Team Prep Exhibition Program has begun for Intermediate/Advanced students!


 Students who are part of this program will showcase skills and routines to be performed in a non-competitive, exhibition format for the general public at annual community events. Typically, gymnastics is a very selective sport, choosing only specific talents and attributes that may not apply to every child, but Bayshore Elite would like to celebrate all of our athletes by giving them the opportunity to showcase their individual talents and skills.


 The Bayshore Elite Team Prep Exhibition Program will be open to all enrolled Bayshore Elite students and will be coached by some of our top coaches. The program is designed for families whose kids would like to increase their confidence and experience the benefits of being a part of a team.


This is A NON-COMPETITIVE PROGRAM which offers a quality class with a team atmosphere and coaching style, longer training hours, and higher expectations for attendance and participation. Although this team will not compete, they will “Prep” year round to perform at community events such as parades, community shows, etc. that Bayshore Elite participates in or is invited to.


This program is open to athlete ages 6 and up enrolled in our Intermediate or Advanced classes. Workout leotard, warm-up suit, and team accessories are required and will be available for purchase by families through Bayshore Elite upon signing up.


For more information about the Bayshore Elite Team Prep Exhibition Program feel free to contact us at 650-365-4700 or email us at




Team Prep Exhibition Team Levels

All TPEP classes are open to ages 6 and older.



Team Prep Beginning

60 minute class

(starting Fall 2022)



Team Prep Intermediate

 90 minute class



Team Prep Advanced

120 minute class

(For eligibility, must be enrolled in Recreational Gymnastics Intermediate OR Advanced class OR move-up from TPEP Intermediate class)