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Open gym time for little ones ONLY!

Thurs. 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Sat. 12:00 - 1:30 pm

(Ages walking to 6 years old)
Ages 2+ and younger have to be accompanied on the floor by an adult.
$8/child on Thursday
$10/child on Saturday
Mar 15th, 2020: Bayshore Elite facilities are closed until further notice while we follow San Mateo County health orders due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our coaches are constantly seeking ways to engage our gymnasts during this shelter-in-place period and we encourage our athletes to continue conditioning at home and to stay active. Look out for emails to join our Zoom workouts and please check out our NEW virtual classes for children ages 4-12.

Bayshore Elite Pick-up and Drop-off Policy*

Please walk your child(ren) into the gym and pick them up inside. Parking lot drop-off is not permitted.
Children should be dressed appropriately before entering and after exiting the gym. No exposed leotards and please wear shoes!


*Beginning July 1, 2019, Bayshore Elite will enlist a new Late Pick-Up/Early Drop-Off policy. This policy will address the issue of parents who drop-off children early or who arrive late to retrieve their children after classes. Please note that Bayshore Elite and its staff cannot be responsible for children that remain after their class has ended or who are dropped off before their class begins. 


Parents or caretakers who are not present in the gym when their child's class is dismissed are considered late. This includes families with multiple children in different classes. If you have a child whose class ends before a sibling's class, you must be present when that first child's class is dismissed. Allowing siblings to wait by themselves until the end of another class for pick-up is not permitted. (For example: If your child's class ends at 4:45 pm and their siblings class ends at 4:50 pm you do need to be present at dismissal for both classes, not just the later class.) 


At drop-off, students must be escorted into the gym and seen into their class by a parent. Parking lot drop-offs are not permitted. If your child is present in the facility before their class without a parent you will be called to return to the facility until their class begins. Parents who can not be reached when called will have the incident noted on their account and will be dismissed from the program after 3 warnings.


Please understand that late pick-ups and early drop-offs create a liability for our facility as there is no active care for children before and after classes. Effective July 1st, families who have 3 late pick-ups or early drop-offs recorded on their account will subsequently be removed from our program.


Bayshore Elite cares for all of its member families and the safety of every child is our utmost concern. Please keep in mind that late pick-ups and early drop-offs do jeopardize the safety of our kids and should be taken very seriously. For questions or concerns regarding our Late Pick-Up/Early Drop-Off policy please feel free to contact our General Manager, Shamra Ray. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.