Starting Jan 1st, 2017: Make-Up Policy: Each actively enrolled child is allowed ONE make-up class per month. Children must be currently enrolled in a class and make-ups must be scheduled and attended within 30 days of absence. Please schedule at front desk.
The BIG MOVE: While we have physically moved all of Roosevelt Gym's equipment into our newly expanded Middlefield Gym, we are still in the process of fine-tuning equipment layout, merging our member database and updating our website. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Saturday, Sept 16th: National Gymnastics Day ! Come check out our special discounted Jungle Gym ($5) and Open Gym ($10) and enjoy popcorn, music and prizes! Post your awesome gymnastics pictures on our Bayshore Elite Facebook page with the hashtag #NGD2017 and show us what you've got.






Summer Schedule and Gym Closure


Team summer schedules begin in June. Please refer to our Shutterfly site for more information or ask your coach.


Both gyms will be closed for cleaning and maintenance through June 2nd. Bayshore Middlefield would appreciate any help from parent volunteers on May 30th (3-8pm), May 31st (3-8pm), June 1st (5pm) or June 2nd (12-5pm). This is Phase 1 of our gym expansion and reconfiguration!

2017 Xcel Regional Wrap-up!

Congratulations to our Xcel Platinum and Gold gymnasts who competed at the Xcel Regional Gymnastics Championships 2017 in Pomona, CA. This year’s Region 1 competition included over 1,500 gymnasts from NorCal, SoCal, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. We are proud of all our gymnasts who have shown spirit and hard work throughout the season, achieving both personal and team goals.


A special shout-out goes to Emma S., for being Bayshore’s only Regional All Around Champ and top scorer in the entire Xcel Platinum level at Regionals.


A few highlights:

Xcel Platinum

Emma S. (AA, Beam, and Bars Regional Champion – 38.275AA, 9.7 BB & 9.7 B & 2nd FX – 9.65)
Amanda C. (4th FX – 9.725, 5th BB)
Dana G. (3rd AA – 37.775, 2nd B & 3rd FX – 9.675 )


Xcel Gold

Chloe A. (3rd AA – 37.625, 5th V, B, BB & FX)
Kylie M. (5th AA – 37.175, 3rd V & FX )
Sophia B. (3rd BB, FX – 9.5)
Julia K. (4th AA, 3rd V & 5th B)
Laura G. (4th FX – 9.55)
Nicole K. (FX – 9.425)
Katelyn F. (FX – 9.225)
Alejandra P. (FX – 9.25)


Bravo, Girls!


2017 JO Level 7 & 8 Regional Wrap-up!

Congratulations to our JO Level 7 gymnasts and our lone Level 8 who competed at their respective Region 1 (NorCal, SoCal, Nevada, Arizona and Utah) Championships in Pomona, CA and Visalia, CA. We are proud to see the progress and growth they have shown in gymnastics, as well as in achieving their personal and team goals. Bayshore commends the spirit and hard work put in by all our gymnasts and coaches this double season!


A special kudos goes out to Bayshore’s 1st JO NorCal State Team member, Ja’Leigh L., who qualified as one of the top 12 NorCal gymnasts at States!


A few highlights from Regionals:


Level 8

Zoe K. (5th AA – 37.2, 4th FX, 5th V)


Level 7

Ja’Leigh L. (AA – 37.525, 3rd V – 9.6)

Alexis B. (4th AA – 37.275, 2nd BB – 9.6)

Anna L. (AA – 37.025, 3rd V – 9.55)

Maddy T. (4th FX – 9.625)

Lucy D. (5th FX)


Bravo, Girls!

2017 Xcel State Championships

Congratulations to all our Xcel Gold and Platinum gymnasts who qualified to Region 1 Championships and will head to Pomona, Ca. at the end of April. Kudos too to our Xcel Silvers and Bronzes who have now completed their competition season at the recent State Championships. All our girls performed to their best and proudly represented Bayshore Elite. A few highlights:


Xcel Platinum

Emma S. (AA and Bars State Champion – 38.250AA and 2nd on V, BB & FX) – NorCal State Team Qualifier
Amanda C. (FX State Champion, 6th V and AA)
Dana G. (2nd AA & BB, 3rd B and 4th V & FX)

Xcel Gold

Julia K. (AA and BB State Champion, 2nd V and B, 6th FX)
Chloe A. (AA and V State Champion, 3rd B and 4th BB & FX)
Sophia B. (B & FX State Champion, 2nd AA and 4th V)
Laura G. (3rd AA, V & FX and  4th B & BB), Kylie M. (2nd FX and 3rd AA & BB), Nicole K. (5th V and 6th FX and AA), Alejandra P. (5th BB), Romila G. (6th B) and Katelyn F. (5th V & B and 6th FX)

Xcel Silver:

Catie E. (FX State Champion, 2nd AA & B and 5th V & BB)
MiaRose T. (AA and FX State Champion, 2nd B and 3rd BB)
Maddie K. (AA, V & FX State Champion and 3rd BB)
Gigi O. (Bars State Champion and 2nd V & AA and 5th FX)
Kayla H. (V State Champion, 2nd B, 3rd BB and 4th AA)
Elodie S. (Bars State Champion and 5th AA & BB)

Xcel Bronze:

Amber J. (3rd FX and 4th AA, V & BB), Morgan B. (3rd AA, V & B and 4th BB & FX), Chloe H. (5th B & FX), Ashley E. (3rd BB, 4th FX and 6th B), Ruby M. (5th BB & FX), and Eva S (6th FX)

Bravo, Girls!


JO Optional State Championship Update


Bayshore would like to congratulate all our JO Optional gymnasts on a fantastic season and for qualifying to Region 1 Regional Championships!
2017 NorCal JO Optional State Championship highlights include:
Level 7: Ja’Leigh L. (2nd AA – 38.150 and B, Vault State Champion, 3rd BB and FX) – NorCal All Star State Team Qualifier
Level 7: Alexis B. (4th AA, B and BB)
Level 7: Anna L. (6th V and FX)
Level 7: Lucy D. (4th FX and 6th AA)
Level 7: Maddy T. (4th B)
Level 8: Zoe K. (5th B)



Xcel Meet Season

Flower Power Invitational
It was silvers for our Golds and Silvers at the Flower Power with our 3 Platinums taking the gold. Well done, ladies!
State Championships for Xcel Silver through Platinum will be in Redwood City on the weekend of Mar. 24-26th. Bronzes will have theirs the weekend of Apr. 1st. Good Luck to all!











JO Optional Season

Flower Power Invitational
Level 7s performed to a gold team award at their last qualifying meet! State Championships will be held on the weekend of Apr. 1st.
Good luck at States!



JO Competition Update


JO Competition season has come to an end and our Level 3 ladies did Bayshore proud, all receiving top 4 finishes in their AA age divisions. Congratulations to all our JO Compulsory ladies on a fantastic season!
2016 Fall JO State Champions include:
Level 5: Alexis B. (AA, B, FX) and Madison T. (FX)
Level 4: Lauren Z. (FX) with a 38.00AA (3rd) – Norcal South State Team qualifier
Level 3: Marissa L. (AA – 38.275, V, B, BB, FX – 9.875), Katie K. (BB, FX) and Caelan N. (FX – 9.725)



Fall Schedule


Fall schedule begins Tuesday, September 6th, 2016. Please log in to our team Shutterfly site for schedule.
No gym on Sept. 5th, Labor Day!