Our Story

Bayshore Elite Gymnastics opened its doors at the Roosevelt Plaza, Redwood City in July of 2010, with its second Middlefield location opening just 3 years later. It’s founder, coach Erica Meitz is a local resident of Redwood City, wife and mother of two. Erica opened Bayshore Elite with the idea of creating a gymnastics training environment that incorporated the values of fun and family and also instilled the elements of discipline and encouragement to our competitive teams.
Our program includes both recreational and competitive gymnastics, as well as multiple camps, fieldtrips and special events all year. At Bayshore Elite we pride ourselves on creating a program that embraces the balance between high quality gymnastics, the love of a family and the strength of a team.
As local residents of Redwood City, Erica and her family also have a strong desire to support our local community. Within our club we support many of the city’s local charitable organizations, and our athletes, parents and staff regularly engage in local community activities. This is the foundation of our club, and this is the mentality we encourage for our team.
Bayshore Elite Gymnastics
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